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We are keeping this site up for the history and of course Google search results. But all our business content and information can now be found at


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Some of our standard rates have increased with the increase of underlying costs. Many of the prices below are the still the same as before.

Standard rates as listed below. Not for Profits and charities attract a 10% discount except where noted*.

These prices take effect from 1/7/16.




Hourly Rate Ex GST

Senior Engineer



Developer Analyst



Senior Business Analyst



Business Analyst



Senior Project Manager



Project Manager



Technician Onsite



Technician Onsite 1st Hr Call Out Fee



Technician Remote Access



Content Writer*









Makeup Artist per person*



Level 2 Sports First Aid Trainer 1st Hr



Level 2 Sports First Aid Trainer






Per Annum Ex GST

Web Hosting 100MB HDD 1000 MB monthly bandwidth



Web Hosting 200MB HDD 2000 MB monthly bandwidth



Drupal / Joomla / Wordpress quarterly SLA





  • If you have a contract with different rates you will continue to pay the contracted prices unless negotiated.
  • If you have a signed current SLA (Service Level Agreement) in place with us the prices listed in that will remain until its current expiry. We reserve the right to renegotiate those rates at that point.
  • The US and AUD Exchange rate as at 1 July 2015 means we can offer a 10% discount on rates listed above for our US and AUD clients. Any other overseas clients are charged in either AUD or USD anyway. If there is a significant change either way in the AUD/EX rate (more than 5 points) we will potentially change these rates for the USD clients. Contact us for specific pricing for USD customers.
  • No GST is charged to clients resident in countries other than Australia.
  • Technician remote access will be charged in minimum 15 minute blocks.
  • Onsite technical support attracts a minimum 1 hour call out fee.

Thank you for your business.

Probably the most commonly asked question we receive is "Where does the name Jethro come from?"

Some people try and guess Jethro Tull, or Jethro Clampett (from the Beverley Hillbillies) but its actually a lot different.

Jethro was Moses father in Law. In Israel's history he was the first recorded management consultant. He came to Moses while he was leading the people in the desert and helped him set up a a delegated management hierarchy.

Serendipitously, the name Jethro in Hebrew, Yitro (as per Wikipedia also means Excellence. And thus our motto which had originally been a play on the word Excel from Microsoft Excel has a double meaning. If you like "Excellence is Excellence". We work extensively with Micros

Jethro Consultants is a partnership owned by Tim & Judith Miller.
We are based in Brisbane on the East Coast of Australia in sunny Queensland. Jethro Consultants and Jethro Management work together to provide solutions in the areas below.


Innovation in software development is in creating customised solutions for our clients. We develop Excel based reporting solutions using Excel and VBA. Our web design and hosting portfolio is growing fast with lots of new Websites being designed and hosted by Jethro.




Collaboration is a big part of what we do. Training in the Office suite including SharePoint, along with work in knowledge management is provided to our clients. We have written a full suite of cooking eCourses available from Our hints and tips website, contains hints and tips on Excel, blogging and website development and technology.




Technology is something we love! Big fast computers, software and gadgets fill our office and we are always learning how better to deploy hardware solutions to our clients. We offer a full service install option with PCs being lovingly assembled, installed and configured to your exact requirements. We transfer data from your old PC and set up your email, browser, peripherals, wireless network and broadband and other personal settings for you.




Support. We provide basic business support, book keeping and basic accounting to numerous key clients. If you need help with bank reconciliations, payables and receivables then contact us now.

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Learning the backdoor workings of website. Realising that my bad time management does not allow me to work "on" my business but only in it. Therefore I cant crunch the numbers.

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