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Users of Windows need to be notified ASAP of a new ransomware strain and take immediate measures to patch.

Specifically, on May 12, 2017 a new strain of the Ransom.CryptXXX (WannaCry) strain of ransomware began spreading widely impacting a large number of organizations, particularly in Europe.

Wcry is demanding a ransom of $300 to $600 in Bitcoin to be paid by May 15, or, in the event that deadline is missed, a higher fee by May 19. The messages left on the screen say files will remain encrypted. It's not yet clear if there are flaws in the encryption scheme that might allow the victims to restore the files without paying the ransom.

If you have yet to install the Microsoft fix—MS17-010— you should do so immediately. You should also be extremely suspicious of all e-mails you receive, particularly those that ask the recipient to open attached documents or click on Web links.

If you have seen nonstandard activity and believe your customers’ information may have been exposed, please contact support.

Office 365 updates

To see all the office updates go to What’s new in Office 365

Here are some specific SharePoint Updates. If you are not using SharePoint, you are missing out on a major chunk of Office 365.


Stay current with SharePoint updates

This video by Microsoft Mechanics will help keep you and your business on target with the newest security and compliance updates for SharePoint.

Watch the video


Now you can sync all your SharePoint files

New features in OneDrive for Business let you sync between SharePoint Online team sites, files used inside Microsoft Teams, Office 365 Groups and OneDrive folders.

Learn more

Contact us today to find out how to ensure you are up to date with Office365 new features and tools

Tim is now an Evernote Certified Consultant

clip_image006Late last year Tim completed the certification process to be called an Evernote Certified Consultant.

Now we can help you build out productivity solutions in Evernote for yourself or your team or your entire business.

Evernote is an awesome note taking app that syncs across devices and platforms, iOS, Android, Windows and Mac as well as in the browser.

Here are some of the productivity tips and information from recent Evernote Blogs and articles.

Do vs. Done Lists: Jot Down Your Small Wins to Amplify Success

7 Tips from Experts: Watch Business Productivity Soar in Evernote

Contact us to discuss how Evernote could be used in your business

This Week’s Productivity Tips

Here are some recently located productivity tips.

5 Dreadful email mistakes to avoid

One click. That’s all it takes. clip_image007The Office Online extension adds a clickable icon to your Google Chrome™ browser, which allows you to open or create Office files and save them to OneDrive. After a one-time sign-in, one click is all you’ll need to unlock the power of Office.

Get an online presentation built in just a few minutes using QuickStarter in Sway. Office 365 users – this tool is free in your online portal and allows you to create polished online company presentations in just a few minutes. No more agonising about web development costs. Just create and share to your customers.

7 Email tips to control your inbox

Get control of your inbox with these built-in features. If inbox management is something you struggle with then we can come and show you how to save time every day in shortcuts and other power tools that speed up your message management.

Office Apps for Outlook

Check out a previous article that showcases some the best Outlook apps.

Office Extra | Your source for the newest ways to help you do more


Higher performing teams start here

Collaboration is the key to success. That’s why Office 365 provides apps and services to help groups of all sizes and styles achieve together. And now, for high-velocity teamwork, there’s Microsoft Teams. Teams is the new chat-based workspace activated by over 30,000 organisations since it rolled out last November. It’s free with your subscription and ready to go.

Start using Teams


Also new from Office 365

As a subscriber, you get the latest upgrades like these and more.


New OneDrive admin centre is here

OneDrive is easier for IT to deploy and manage with the new OneDrive admin centre. Manage sync and sharing capabilities with better controls and confidence.

Learn more


New DLP enhancements improve your safety

Enjoy unified control over policy creation, data reporting and more with latest updates to Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for Office 365.

Learn more


Get up to speed on your apps with Quick Starts

Use our Quick Starts, available online and for download, to learn all about the latest versions of Office 2016 apps.

Get going with Quick Starts now


Learn FastTrack tips for Office 365 success

Get advice from Microsoft CIO Jim DuBois on how to reach your organisation's business goals with successful Office 365 adoption.

Register to watch

Contact us today to find out how to ensure you are up to date with Office365 new features and tools

On 14 September 2016, pursuant to the agreement of the House of Representatives and the Senate, a Joint Standing Committee was established to inquire into and report on the rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN).

The committee is composed of nine Members and eight Senators.

The closing date for submissions is 31 March 2017.

Committee Secretariat contact:

PO Box 6100

Parliament House

Canberra ACT 2600

Phone: 02 6277 3585

Fax: 02 6277 5794

If any of our customers wants to make a submission about the current NBN rollout debacle please contact me as we can do a joint submission if you like.

There is also a public hearing in Redcliffe for those businesses local to the Moreton Bay Region.

Date: Thursday 6th April

Venue: Mon Komo Hotel, 99 Marine Parade, Redcliffe

Time: 9am – 3pm

The public forum is open for anyone to attend.

Contact us today to find out how to utilise these tools

Is Digital Transformation Just Hype?

Digital Transformation is one of the biggest (and most misused) business buzzwords right now.

What many people and businesses don’t realise is that it relies heavily on two underlying stages, of digital competence and digital usage before it can happen.

In other words, a business cannot achieve any of the expected gains from Digital Transformation if they haven’t changed their underlying understanding and usage of the digital technologies that are available to them.

Yes – this means CHANGING THE WAY YOU DO BUSINESS. Without changing there is no transformation.


Most likely you are using some digital technologies in your business, Office 365, Email, mobile technologies and so on. But if your business hasn’t changed how it does things then you are missing out on the amazing benefits these technologies can provide when used the way they were designed.

Here is a short checklist: If you answer Yes to any of these then you have not fully understood what business transformations are available to your business.

  • Do you send emails with files attached?
  • Do you have meetings where people bring pads and paper and take notes?
  • Do you cancel / postpone meetings because an important person can’t be there physically?
  • Do you still have a computer server on your premises?
  • Do you keep your accounting records on a computer in your office? (E.g. MYOB etc.)

Here are some questions that if you answer No to you may be missing out on technology that is readily available, and likely being used by your competitors to gain an edge over you.

Do you have mobile EFTPOS and or mobile Sales Terminals?

  • Can you readily access your files on your phone or tablet? E.g. that sales quote you just prepared. (And not because you emailed it to yourself as an attachment )
  • Can you employ a new person and have them accessing email and data within an hour of being employed?
  • If a machine breaks down in your factory do you get an automatic alert on your phone immediately?
  • If negative feedback on social media happens, do you have a staff member who is notified immediately and deals with it to create a positive outcome?

There are many more tests of digital transformation. I suggest if you failed any of these tests above that you contact us for a discussion. Your competitors probably will.

We can also run a personalised workshop for you and your business for a flat rate of $175.

Contact us to discuss what digital transformation can do for your business

Moreton Technology Alliance – 2017 Digital Trends Function

For those in the Moreton Bay Region we warmly invite you to our next Moreton Technology Alliance function. Come along on Thursday night 20th April to have a drink and listen to the two Moreton Bay Digital Community Champions, Kate vanderVoort and James Novak, talk about the current trends in Social Media and 3D printing as they apply to business.

For all the event details and tickets ($15 includes 1 free drink) go to the MTA website


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