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Today I thought I would update you on all the services we offer. Often people are surprised at just what we can do and outsourcing jobs to us is often a way to get things done more efficiently and cheaper. I have also included some Office 365 news as usual.

Outsource Your Tech Today


We have been in business here in Australia for 20 years. Some of our staff have more than 25 years’ experience in computing and business. We have been active in the web since 1995. As a result, we have a significant skill set that you can take advantage of.

First some reasons why.

Can your business afford?

  • Missed sales and opportunities
  • Negative feedback – people talk about your business in social media
  • Wasted money

Common Mistakes of DIY

  • Buying unsuitable equipment on “special”
  • Incorrect licensing of software
  • Making the assumption the cloud is free
  • Untested backups, DR and BCP
  • Leaving it to untrained Gen Y staff
  • Inappropriate use of social media for business

Some of the products and services we can offer you

  • Advice – we employ professionals in these areas:
    • Business Architecture and Digital Strategy
    • Web Development and Design
    • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
    • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
    • SMM (Social Media Management)
    • Reputation and Brand Management
    • Photography and Graphic Design
    • Sys Admins and Database Experts
    • Office Productivity Gurus
    • Writing and Content Development
  • Hardware:
    • Computer sales, repairs and upgrades – from basic business PCs to high end graphic design and gaming PCs
    • Mobile devices (phones, tablets) – sales, upgrades and connection
    • Internet connection – ADSL, NBN and Mobile Broadband
    • Wired and Wireless Networks – design, installation and security– design, sales, installation and configuration, racks and data storage
  • Software
    • Office 365 connection, setup and installation
    • Data migration – office accounting systems into the cloud, data storage into cloud
    • Website development, new sites, upgrades, ecommerce platforms, integration to store
    • Social Media - policy, setup and account management
    • Excel VBA development – spreadsheet design, automation, reporting tools and budgets
  • Training
    • Microsoft Office training – productivity and efficiency gains guaranteed
    • Website management
    • Social Media Use and Management

Talk to us about significant advantages to your business by OUTSOURCING YOUR TECH

Office 365 News

Using Skype for Business? If not why? Either way here are 8 features you didn’t know you needed for online meetings.

New Feature: Filtering common malicious attachment types in Email. Learn more about creating organisation wide settings to limit attachments of malicious file types. Ask us if you want this feature enabled.

Upgraded feature: The People Profile experience is being updated in Office 365. We are already using the new profile pages and it is a definite improvement when working with Delve. Ask us about how to improve your organisations information usage and sharing.

New feature: Integrate Dropbox into your Office 365 online experience. Ask us to talk through and plan this upgrade if you are heavy users of Dropbox.

Office 365 is changing all the time, schedule your free 6 monthly audit with us to see how you can take advantage of the tools that are available in your subscription

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As always Jethro is your web, cloud and technology specialists. I am constantly learning new things and spending time researching, playing and testing new systems and reading about other people in the IT world doing the same thing. If you want to follow along with what I share in various spaces, then connect with me:


Three simple questions:

  1. Can you measure how much your website is worth to you?
  2. Does it drive sales to your door? Does it bring new members to your organisation?
  3. Are you able to update it yourself?

If the answer to any of those is no then you need a Content Management System Website designed by Jethro.

What is a CMS Website?
A content management system (or CMS) is a tool that allows an organization to make changes to its website without having to work with HTML code.

In the 1990s, many web designers built their business model around designing websites for an organization, and then charging the organization a fee every time the website needed an update.  However, this is just not acceptable today.  Your customers expect your website to be constantly up-to-date.  If it's not, they will be much less likely to do business with you.

The 1990s website approach is a waste of your time and money. In the time it takes you to email your web designer to request a change, you could have made the change yourself using a CMS.  Most web designers who used this outdated business model are now impossible to contact, because they have dozens of clients tying up their phone lines asking for changes, and they simply can't keep up. Or their customers come to us asking for a rebuild with “a site that we can update ourselves!”

A CMS site built by us has these benefits for your business or organisation built in.

  • We only need to design one template, and that is used for the generation of every page. This makes the website considerably smaller and allows pages to be displayed quicker. Site refreshes are as simple as changing the template.
  • Your authorised users can modify content without knowing any HTML. The page structure and other technical information do not get in the way of entering or modifying content. Non technical users can manage complex sites with no technical expertise required.
  • Built in SEO features like connection to Google Analytics, sitemaps, submission to search engines, page titles and meta tags, plain English urls and more
  • Social media integration – share content easily, connect to your business or organisation Facebook and Twitter accounts and more.
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How can Jethro assist you to develop a CMS based website?
First of all we can be a one stop shop for your website.
We can purchase your domain name for you (if you don’t already have one), supply the DNS Hosting and the web hosting, install and configure the CMS system, develop the templates and graphic logos if required, or incorporate your own graphics, train you in the use of the site and provide written documentation and ongoing follow-up.

Secondly we have experience in building CMS websites and developing online communities, and have built lots of CMS sites. Our staff members are experienced in the CMS System we use ourselves and prefer, Drupal. We also build and support Wordpress and Joomla sites if requested.



Suits most business and uses a standard template (available from a broad selection) with custom work to incorporate your logo and colour scheme.*


Contact us for a detailed quote.

*Terms and Conditions apply

We are now providing hosting and support to the Brisbane City Council owned website The contract was signed last month and commits us to the hosting and a service level agreement that guarantees our management of upgrades, security patches and technical support for the site.

We can offer similar packages to any web site owner to give you peace of mind and technical assistance at a controllable monthly or quarterly cost. Contact us for more information if you are interested.

Jethro Consultants is an Australian hosting company that specialises in a full service Drupal website hosting package. We do all the geeky stuff including managing your domain name and DNS settings, setting up Drupal, managing backups, database maintenance and email management. We also provide a full Drupal design consultancy from template development through to site construction and design and for those who want it we even offer regular maintenance and updating. Do you want us to keep your Drupal installation up-to-date? Site maintenance (e.g. upgrades) can be also be arranged. Contact us for pricing.

Server details
We run Linux servers with nightly backups (on and offsite) for both databases and file systems. We are running MySQL database 5.0.95 with PHP 5.3 giving you a stable platform on which to run your Drupal 6.x or 7.x or 5.x site.

Our prices (in Australian Dollars) for hosting are:
Basic Hosting Account
100MB Hard Disk space, 12GB per month of traffic for $11.95 per month or $110 for 12 months in advance
5 Email accounts Mail per domain included, Changes Additions and deletions are $5 each
200MB Hard Disk space, 2GB per month of traffic for $16.95 per month or $175 for 12 months in advance
15 Email accounts Mail per domain included, Changes Additions and deletions are $5 each
We will also provide custom space and bandwidth accounts to your requirements. Contact us for pricing.
Not for profit organisations get a substantial discount on these prices as well.

Drupal Development
Drupal site (core)
Monthly Price: included in hosting
Setup: $110
Contributed modules
Setup: $55 to $110 / module depending on the module. Contact us for more details.

View our portfolio of websites developed using Drupal

Drupal Management
We also offer a management service for clients. This can involve us looking after only the very basics like regular backups, through to full site administration and even content entry and editing.
View our Drupal management portfolio

There are a number of security audits of Drupal websites that have been performed in the last few weeks. These have exposed a number of security issues that malicious coders can take advantage of. (Note these are not just relevant to Drupal, and relate to IE security issues also). We have had only one site hacked through the use of this security flaw and have had to fix it. We are securing all of our customer sites against further hacking in two ways. First of all we have changed all administrator passwords. Second we are rolling out the upgrades version of Drupal that protects against these security issues.

Our upgrade process is this:

  • We request a edit freeze on the site for a day.
  • We backup the site and database.

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